Environmental policy

We place environmental issues and the impact we have as manufacturers and suppliers to be one of our top priorities as a business. For years we have seen the detrimental impact production, industry and a world of abundance has had on our environment and the world we live in. As a founder of a business, I want to roll out the ethos that I live by with my family, across my business too. We are making small improvements all of the time to use less, create less waste, recycle everything we can and buy better.

We are proud of the Print Circus values and wholly believe that we can all take positive steps, and improve as we learn more. As a business we:

  • Use 100% recycled or FSC accredited paper stock   
  • Work with British manufacturers who are as local as possible
  • Recycle by reusing any plastic which is brought into the business from deliveries
  • Package using only eco products and tapes
  • Develop bespoke biodegradable packaging where appropriate 
  • Create framed products which are made to last and paper products which can be always be recycled or re used.

We are always open to new ideas and looking for ways to improve.