The mess though... kitchen renovation part 1

The mess though... kitchen renovation part 1

You may have seen on social media that we have started the journey of renovating our kitchen. Under one of the very large, ancient beams, lives our cooker and two draw units, behind which we knew was an old fireplace and the possibility of a few more inches worth of room which could be gratefully utilised. 

With the pictured cooker on the way out and a replacement ready and waiting, the hammers came out. The 1930's fireplace revealed was a joy to behold! We imagined previous house owners modernising this room with the fireplace all those years ago - but a blink of an eye ago in comparison to the actual age of the house. Was an inglenook replaced? We will never know.

The soot that cascaded from above was something....

We have talked and imagined doing this since moving to our cottage believed to have built in the 1790's. It was once the Bakehouse for the Beaudesert Estate with a huge clay oven outside. What a shame that that piece of history was taken down. You can feel the history throughout the house, it gives a warm and welcoming feeling as if on holiday somewhere very calm. We say that the house picked us rather than us picking it. It just felt so right when we first looked around it.

Unfortunately the kitchen isn't big enough to be able to keep the fireplace so it has been dismantled, exposing that bit of extra space, ready for new kitchen units and the long awaited new cooker to be housed.

The old cooker is still in, and the old units pushed back to the new stud wall, just temporarily whilst the electrics are sorted out and the next stage is planned.

I look forward to sharing stage two of the makeover!


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