Presentation is Everything!

Presentation is Everything!

Plastic is a problem. It's a huge problem in manufacturing and supply because it solves so many packaging problems - but of course we all now know it creates many more problems than it solves.

I have always been conscious of the plastic situation since the beginning, and I have been keen on removing new plastic from Print Circus for a long time. By making the decision to sell the cards 'naked' this has helped a lot. I knew there would be wholesale stockists who prefer them cello wrapped, but I feel strongly that as suppliers, we need to take responsibility for the unnecessary plastic waste being produced. I also think that the cellophane bags for the cards only detracts from the beautiful feel of the product, which is so important to customers. 

I have always been obsessed with the presentation of all things, especially whilst building the Print Circus brand. The cards can be sold naked, but what about the unframed prints? This has been a conundrum! They obviously need to be protected but also be presented beautifully.

I spent a few months designing and developing a solution. Here at Print Circus we only work with the best materials and carefully selected British manufacturers who I have built long standing relationships with, and who share my passion for unwavering quality. 

We use GF Smith papers, who really are at the forefront of paper manufacturing and environmental developments. They were obviously my first port of call when developing the new packaging for unframed prints. I decided on using their Transclear paper, which has all the properties I was looking for; environmental credentials, it allows for show-through to the design of the print inside and it can be screen printed or foil blocked to add the Print Circus logo. 

Our fantastic printers also specialise in beautiful finishes so they have foil blocked the outside of the sleeves with our logo.

I am delighted that the new, exquisite, luxurious presentation sleeves are now being used to protect our A4 and A3 unframed prints. They really finish the product in the luxurious and unique way that I had envisaged, whilst removing another plastic product from our manufacturing process.

We do still use plastic in the business but no new plastic, it has always been reused. I really hope that in time we will receive less and less and we will notice a decline in any unnecessary use in industry. 

We can be green and luxurious!


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