Inspired by The Great Pottery Throw Down

Inspired by The Great Pottery Throw Down

Recently we started watching the Great Pottery Throw Down on Channel 4 catch up. It was a real turning pint in our house!

Because the boys are only seven, we haven't really watched any 'family' shows yet (such as the Saturday night Strictly etc.) as things start a bit too late. I had been meaning to watch the GPTD for ages but hadn't managed to get around to it, and I was caught watching it while I was cooking as the boys returned from their swimming lesson one day (feels like many moons ago now!)

They were hooked!

They had their favourite potters, discussed the techniques and designs, were even planning how they would tackle each task themselves! When lockdown started we developed a routine of taking Olive for a walk after the boys dinner, and then watching an episode of the GPTD all together. Its been absolutely wonderful!  

So the obvious next step has been for the boys to have a go at modelling clay themselves. They have enjoyed painting pots before but never the making part. 

I have always enjoyed using clay, I used it a lot at school and then as part of my Textile Design degree I chose a ceramics and glass elective. But of course I haven't touched clay since (I graduated in 2001 so it's bee a while!)

Inspired but the boys enthusiasm and the excitement the show has brought I ordered 12kg of air drying clay. So far we have had one afternoon using it though there is a lot left and we are planning plenty more! I managed to pass on some basic techniques to the boys which I remember and they were like sponges, soaking up any snippet I could give. They are so excited to use 'proper' clay which can be fired so I will be organising that once the lockdown is over and we can resume some sort of normality.

See the Violet Dog design which my clay piece is based upon (shown in photograph).

If you fancy rekindling a passion for clay, or if you or your children would like to give it a try I would wholly recommend it! It has brought us a lot of fun. Also the Great Pottery Throw Down is currently being repeated but you can watch again on channel 4. 

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